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One of the biggest advantages of the Learning Lab Classroom Classroom concept is the flexibility it offers to those who require technical training but find it difficult to get time out of the office to attend scheduled classes for 5 days straight. You choose your own schedule, you can do one day per week if you like.

Please click the course title to view outlineDuration
CompTIA A+ Certification (Exams 220-1101 and 220-1102)5 day(s)Enquire now
CompTIA Network+5 day(s)Enquire now
CompTIA Security+5 day(s)Enquire now
PL-300 Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst3 day(s)Enquire now
CompTIA A+5 day(s)Enquire now
CompTIA A+ Part 15 day(s)Enquire now
CompTIA A+ Part 25 day(s)Enquire now
CompTIA IT Fundamentals+5 day(s)Enquire now
ITS Cloud Computing3 day(s)Enquire now
ITS Computational Thinking1 day(s)Enquire now
ITS Databases4 day(s)Enquire now
ITS Devices3 day(s)Enquire now
ITS HTML53 day(s)Enquire now
ITS HTML and CSS3 day(s)Enquire now
ITS Java5 day(s)Enquire now
ITS JavaScript5 day(s)Enquire now
ITS Networking5 day(s)Enquire now
ITS Network Security5 day(s)Enquire now
ITS Python3 day(s)Enquire now
ITS Software Development3 day(s)Enquire now
ITS Data Analytics3 day(s)Enquire now

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Our Learning Lab classroom has a drop in and out, one on one method of training consisting of 4 parts

  1. Expert instructor delivers course content by means of a digital presentation delivered via the first workstation PC and using a head set.  The training is delivered at the best pace suitable for each student.
  2. Official course-ware is available to the student to keep and read subsequent to the instruction  and  prior to the associated lab exercise.
  3. There is a second, Lab PC which is where the student will implement and practice what has been learned in order to reinforce the knowledge and to ensure that the training was effective.
  4. There is a team of full time Certified Instructors in the classroom with the students at all times, to answer questions and deliver any of the course content. They each have different areas of expertise and are all certified trainers.

Flexible Scheduling

The joy of Learning Lab Classroom is that students can come into our Dublin office to work face to face with their instructor, or work with their instructor Virtually online, or do both!

As you’re working 1:1 with your instructor, you can choose your schedule. You can do 5 days in a week or split up the course and do 1 day per week! Or take a 5 day course over 4-5 weeks! It's completely up to you. You can choose your starting date. You can start tomorrow, if you like!

Learning Lab Classroom Time Table
Monday to Friday: 
Morning 09:00 - 12:30
Afternoon 13:30 - 17:00

How it works

The focus of the training is on Hand’s on Labs. Rather than the students sitting in a “Show and Tell” Learning Environment, all students must execute the Practical elements of the training courses themselves. They work one to one with the Instructors who can guide them through the labs. Working one to one with the Instructors also gives the delegates the opportunity to discuss their own Projects and with the help of the trainers, overcome any real world issues they are having. In this way, the trainer can help to customise elements of the course so that it is specific to each individual requirements.

The instructors are always in the room with you and can answer questions one-on-one and we encourage delegates to ask lots of questions to our instructors.

Certified Instructors are present to provide ongoing coaching, support and guidance throughout your training. instructors can answer questions and provide additional instruction when needed to help increase your comprehension and retention of the course material.

Some of the benefits included in the price

  • You receive one to one instruction and the instructors are in the class at all times. This gives you one-on-one feedback on progress, support and reinforcement throughout the learning process.
  • We have 70% more labs than any other training company.
  • Exam preparation Tools.
  • We achieve a 90-95% exam pass rate as opposed to a market average of 60-65%.
  • Official Curriculum included with the course.
  • We never cancel classes, Guaranteed!
  • Flexible Scheduling – take a 5 day course over 4-5 weeks!!
    • Choose whichever morning or afternoon sessions suit your schedule
  • A Learning Guarantee. We believe so strongly in the quality of our courses that we are prepared to offer you a Learning Guarantee. If a student didn’t feel they absorbed all the information on the day, they are welcome to sit on the same class within 6 months at no charge.

Learning Lab Classroom advantages for the Student

  • Flexible schedule allows individuals to acquire new skills around their schedule. 
  • Ability to control the pace of the course and content covered meets individual learning needs. 
  • Learn while doing approach increases the ability to retain and apply new knowledge. 
  • One-on-one time with instructor increases the comprehension of the material. 
  • Blending lecture, hands-on practice and instructor interaction creates the most stimulating and effective learning environment possible.