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Pre-training Evaluation

This assessment is used to gauge which course is most suitable for you.

  • Completion of this assessment is compulsory
  • Please provide your Organisation's name, your name, and email address
  • Only complete the assessment ONCE, your 1st result will be the only result recorded
  • There is no minimum score requirement as entry into the course
  • Please refrain from using Google to complete the assessment, as it is only used to determine the best course for you
  • Close all instances of Microsoft PowerBI while completing the assessment
  • Please do not refer to Microsoft PowerBI application during the assessment
  • The assessment should take between 10 - 20 minutes to complete

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Question 1

What is the primary purpose of Power BI?

Question 2

Which components make up the Power BI ecosystem?

Question 3

Which tool allows you to create data visualisations and reports?

Question 4

What is the first step in building a basic report in Power BI?

Question 5

Which feature allows you to represent data graphically in a report?

Question 6

What does the term “tidy data” refer to in Power BI?

Question 7

Which step comes after importing data from various sources in Power Query?

Question 8

What is the purpose of editing queries in Power Query?

Question 9

What is the role of relationships between tables in Power BI?

Question 10

Which type of formula is used in DAX to create new calculated columns?

Question 11

What are report pages in Power BI?

Question 12

How can you format visuals in Power BI?

Question 13

What is the purpose of publishing a desktop report to the Power BI Service?

Question 14

How can you view and edit a report in the Power BI Service?

Question 15

What can you create in the Power BI Service besides reports?

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